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Handstands Are


as much as they are difficult


Class Info

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What can I expect in a class

– Correct technique and alignment

– Specific strength, control and endurance exercises for handbalance

– Basic shapes, levers, lifts and presses

– Elbow stands, headstands and contortion/figure handstands

– 1 arm progressions for those capable

– All round performance flexibility techniques and injury prevention

that feeling when

you find the balance

and hold it



Tuesday 18th December 2018
Intermediates - Tuesdays @The Station
The Station, Silver Street, Bristol BS1 2AG
18:00PM - 19:00PM
Wednesday 19th December 2018
Beginners - Wednesdays @The Station
The Station, Silver Street, Bristol BS1 2AG
18:30PM - 19:30PM

I can’t explain it

I just want to balance on my hands 



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